FDA: The Real Cost

GOALTo create custom content that would engage an audience that traditionally rejects marketing messages from authority. 

STRATEGYTeam up Pivot with millennial street artist and spokesperson Anthony Gargasz to highlight his process as he creates a street art poster based on the reality that there are over 7,000 chemicals in just one cigarette.

SOURCE: [PRE/POST SMOKING INTENT] If someone was to offer you a cigarette, how likely are you to try it? Non-smoker (n = 263), Current smoker (n = 37) . *Small sample size [CHANGE IN OPINION] How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement? (Top 2 Box; Base Never Smoked and Current Smoker) [INTENT] Which of the following actions are you likely to take after watching ‘The Real Cost’ (Base: Total) [VIDEO RATING] Overall, how do you rate ‘The Real Cost’ video clip you just watched? (Base: Total)

SOURCE: [PRE/POST- SMOKING ASSOCIATIONS] What words do you associate with smoking after watching the video? (Base=Total) [INTENT] Which of the following actions are you likely to take after watching ‘The Real Cost’ (Base: Pivot viewers) [PARTNERSHIP] How much more likely are you to get involved with the FDA’s ‘The Real Cost’ campaign as a result of their partnership with Pivot? (Base: Total)

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